2.4m x 200mm x 100mm: 

 £35.99 each

(£29.99 + VAT @ 20 %)

3m x 200mm x 100mm: 

 £50.39 each

(£41.99 + VAT @ 20 %)

Notes:  Prices Do Not Include Delivery costs, please contact us for more details or to place your order


New oak railway sleepers are classified as landscaping grade, as opposed to furniture or beam grade. That means that although they are mainly square cut, they may have some rounded or waney edges, or cracks or imperfections. Like all 'green' or freshly cut landscaping railway sleepers they have been cut in the last 6 months and are still seasoning or drying out , as opposed to kiln dried oak furniture oak which is slowly heated in driers over weeks.

Ranging from yellowy gold to silver grey. The railway sleepers change from a gold colour, to a blotchy, darker, 'stained' look, & finally to a silver grey as it seasons. This natural cycle of seasoning will take 4 - 12 months, depending on sunlight & location of the new oak railway sleepers.


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