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Case Study: Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost

As a Company, sustainability is something which we take very seriously. There are many things we do to contribute to the global efforts to be more sustainable. Using a product such as Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost, which provides so many benefits to our wildlife, is something which we consider a step in the right direction.

Why should you use peat-free compost?

Peat does three important things for us, so we want to keep it in the ground.

1. Peat stores carbon - Peatlands are the largest natural carbon store. They cover less than 5% of the earth’s surface, but store more carbon than any other vegetation, including forests. By removing peat for compost, we’re releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

2. Protects wildlife -Peatlands are home to so many British wildlife species. By destroying peatlands, we’re putting many of our own much-loved birds, insects and plants at risk of extinction.

3. Reduces flooding - Flooding is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the UK, and part of this is down to destroying our peatlands. They soak up large amounts of rainwater and helps to act as a barrier to flooding, slowing the flow of water and reducing the risk to our towns and villages.

As well as being a multi purpose product formulated for amateur garden use for sowing, potting & cuttings, our Peat Free Compost promotes optimum plant growth. By making such a simple change, you can make a massive difference to our climate, biodiversity, water quality and flooding.

Join us in taking the peat-free pledge today.


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