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Christmas Decorations & Landscaping

There are many ways that you can elevate your landscape in the festive months including making your own Christmas Wreaths and outdoor lighting! Here are a few ideas and tips:

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths date back to the 16th Century and they came about when Christmas trees that were bought into the home were pruned to make the tree more uniform in shape. Instead of throwing the trimmed branches of greenery away, Europeans wove the excess into wreaths.

Today they adorn our front doors to create an inviting Christmas feeling and to observe the Advent season. Why not try to make your own Christmas wreath? All you need is a wreath ring or wire, scissors, green twine or floristry wire. Try different textures of foliage, such as fir, holly and ivy. Add decorations such as fir cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.

Outdoor Lighting & Decorations

If you have a bench in your garden or on your front porch, decorate it in lights, decorations, and winter greenery to create a focal point, perfect for holiday photo shoots with family and friends.

Why not add garland or even wide velvet ribbons instead of or as well as lights on fences and lampposts? Consider using timers on your outdoor Christmas lights and using LED lighting. This will help to keep your energy consumption and costs down.

Evergreen Trees & Other Festive Plants

Plant a fir, pine, or other evergreen tree in your front garden to be reminded of Christmas all year round. Then, in the festive season, you can decorate it in lights and large-scale baubles for a truly magical garden centrepiece. Your whole neighbourhood will appreciate the effort!

While we tend to think of dark green leaves at Christmas, many winter flowers are also festive this time of year. Place stunning poinsettias in your windows or lining your steps.


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