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Designing an Accessible Outdoor Area

Gardens are spaces where we can be creative and relax amongst our plants, with time to recharge and spend quality time with family and friends. If your mobility is limited or you want to future-proof your backyard for when you're older, designing an accessible outdoor area can seem overwhelming. But with a few creative ideas everyone can enjoy the benefits and space of an outdoor area.

Paving & Self-Binding Gravel

Being able to move easily & safely around your outside space should be top priority. Paving surfaces need to be smooth and stable to allow comfort and ease of access. Large paving slabs and tiles that are well laid and perfectly level is a good option. Self-binding gravel is also a great option for paths and walkways, as this compacts down with use.

Raised Beds

Raised Beds made from sleepers or stone walling provide a comfortable height to work with. Integrating beds of varying heights offers the opportunity for some gardeners to alternate sitting and standing while working and choose positions that offer the right amount of stretch for them.

Bark Mulch & Decorative Aggregates

Cut down on weeding and watering by dressing containers and borders with a layer of bark mulch. Gravel and decorative stone are a good choice too, you could also use crushed concrete, sand or shingle as a planting medium. Certain plants like wildflowers, or Mediterranean plants will thrive in this type of environment, while most weeds will struggle to establish.

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