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Garden Sleepers

Sleepers can give any space, regardless of size, some much needed definition. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of building and landscaping projects. From using sleepers to create raised beds, to bold edging, terracing, benches or steps, they form a base that gives you plenty of room for your horticultural creativity. With sleepers being highly resistant to decay, varying weathers and general use, they can last for many years making them perfect for your garden.

Here are a few benefits of garden sleepers:

  • They are practical – easy to install and maintain

  • The are long lasting – treated garden sleepers will last for years

  • They are stylish – They add a focal point to any landscape design

There is different types of sleepers that you can pick up for your outdoor space.

New Oak Sleepers

These sleepers are made from European Oak and are the most popular choice for outdoor use as they are extremely hardwearing which provides a more weathered and natural appearance.

Treated Softwood Sleepers

These sleepers are pressure treated to provide protection from decay and wood rot. They are a lot lighter in weight that the hardwood sleeper which makes them easier to use.

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

These have been reclaimed from old railways. They have an attractive rustic look, but have been treated with Creasote, Tar or some other industrial grade preservative. As long as they are not used around children, food or indoors they can be a desirable addition to any project.


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