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Wet Weather Landscaping - Tips and Products

For busy landscaping and gardening contractors, the occasional rainy day might just be a small hiccup to your planned projects, but consistent bad weather over several days can throw the schedule right out of the window and may cause inconveniences to clients.

If it's just a light drizzle, most landscapers will not even be fazed and will continue in such conditions. But heavy rain proves to be more problematic. If the rain is severe enough, landscaping work can be impossible to undertake, especially when using cement or laying paving slabs. The Autumn/ Winter months rainy days generally doesn’t come as a surprise and good landscapers will be prepared for this eventuality in some form.

There is still lots you can do when the weather is bleak and to protect all the hard work you completed during the summer months. Here are a few items and ideas when the weather does take a turn for the worse to keep you on track with your projects.


Tarpaulins are incredibly useful when it comes to providing a protective covering for your work, tools and equipment. They are quick to throw over your essential tools when the rain starts to help prevent damage. Tarpaulin sheets are waterproof, with water running straight off them, making them ideal for use as a canopy to protect your work. There are different sizes of tarpaulin to suit any project and they can be reused again and again.

Paving jointing compounds

There are many jobs you simply can’t do in wet weather as many tasks require a dry surface. But by using one of our paving jointing compounds, you can work in any type of weather.

All-weather paving jointing compound is perfect for the wet weather, as the ground needs to be wet before applying this ready-made mix, unlike sand or cement. ProJoint paving jointing compound, which is available in four colours - neutral, mid grey, basalt and black is suitable for paving slabs, natural stone and concrete paving, slabs or setts. Pre-mixed and ready to use, it’s quick and easy to apply. Applying a paving jointing compound is a great way to protect your paving from weeds and frost. It’s a durable way to protect paving and, with its uniform finish, looks great too.

Wet weather Supplies

You don’t have to depend on dry weather to complete your landscaping projects. A good waterproof jacket and gloves won’t let the wet weather interrupt your day. Plan your wet weather landscaping and rainy-day gardening projects in advance, so you’re not losing out. But maybe pack a dry pair of socks, just in case!

Get in contact today to ensure that you are ready for the rainy months!


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