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Buckingham Rose Blend

Buckingham Rose Blend


Our Buckingham Rose Blend was developed in conjunction with soil scientists, Tim O'Hare Associates and the Royal Household for the rejuvenation of the Buckingham Palace Rose Beds.

Following side-by-side trials with an alternative growing media in the Palace Gardens, our topsoil blend for roses was confirmed as the preferred blend and the ‘Buckingham Rose Blend’ joined the Bury Hill range of Specific Purpose Topsoils.

Bury Hill’s Buckingham Rose Blend is a mix of a natural Clay Loam, Norfolk Fen Soils, Organic Composts and Cornish Horticultural Grits. These raw materials are carefully sourced, blended and screened to 10mm. This process produces a premium quality clay loam topsoil, which is considered ideal for roses. 

As with all soils, take care to install this topsoil blend in dry conditions to maximise the drainage and aeration properties of the soil.


Suitable For:

• Topsoil for Rose Beds and Rose Gardens
• Raised Beds & Planters
• Beds & Borders
• Prestigious Landscape Applications

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