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Composted Bark Fines

Composted Bark Fines


A sustainable peat free growing media which is slightly acidic, our Composted Bark Fines are sourced from 100% British Spruce and Mixed Conifer.

Fully FCS certified with a particle size of 0-10mm, our Composted Bark Fines are a valuable peat free growing media addition to help improve the structure and stability of soils whilst also increasing water retention and drainage.
Produced from matured fine bark which has been composted for a minimum of 12 weeks and turned frequently to speed up the aerobic process which results in a rich, organic, growing media which is packed full of nutrients making it ideal for a wide range of landscaping applications.

Sourced from sustainable Spruce and Mixed Conifer woodlands, the Composted Bark Fines are naturally acidic with a pH of between 6.0 – 6.5 which will help to reduce the pH level in soils when used regularly as a mulch or dressing.

This material is very easy to spread and incorporate into soils and is extremely cost-effective.


Suitable For:

• Breaking Up Heavy Soils
• Dressing & Mulching Beds & Borders
• Boosting Organic Matter, Nitrogen & Nutrients
• Reducing Soil pH Levels
• Improving Soil Structure & Stability
• Increasing Water Retention & Aeration

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