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Darlac Handy Ratchet Lopper DP875

Darlac Handy Ratchet Lopper DP875


The Darlac Handy Ratchet Lopper is a small garden lopper that features a curved anvil that holds the branch in place when cutting, while the nylon fibreglass construction makes these loppers incredibly lightweight – weighing in at just over 500g.


The powerful ratchet action increases the pressure applied and reduces the effort required by up to 30% compared to conventional loppers, making them perfect for cutting through larger branches with ease, as well making them ideal for gardeners with dexterity issues or a weaker grip.


- Lightweight ratchet action loppers

- 35mm cut capacity

- Weighs in at just 552g

- Requires 30% less effort compared to conventional loppers

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