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Darlac Swop Top Sabre Tooth Saw Head DP565

Darlac Swop Top Sabre Tooth Saw Head DP565


The Darlac Sabre Tooth Saw can be used as a handsaw, or can be teamed with a Darlac Swop Top pole for pruning high branches that are hard to reach from the safety of ground level.


This pruning saw has unique tri-edged teeth for a faster, cleaner cut, reducing problems associated with die-back and disease.


Recommended for use with the DP560, or DP570 telescopic pole.


- Interchangeable garden pruning saw head

- Ideal for high pruning when used with an extending pole

- Can also be used as a handsaw

- Chrome armoured blade with precision ground tri-edge teeth

- Easy pull-back action

- Part of Darlac Swop Top system

- Always use with extreme care

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