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Darlac Swop Top Traditional Saw Head DP564

Darlac Swop Top Traditional Saw Head DP564


The Darlac Traditional Saw can be used as a handsaw, or can be teamed with a Darlac Swop Top pole for pruning high branches that are hard to reach from the safety of ground level.


The curved design of this traditional saw encourages the blade to bite downwards into the wood with less pressure and will cut up to 20cm (8″) branches. A traditional blade for gardeners that prefer teeth that can be re-sharpened.


Recommended for use with the DP560 extending pole.

Please note that this product is not suitable for use with the DP570 5m telescopic pole.


- Interchangeable garden pruning saw head

- Ideal for high pruning when used with an extending pole

- Can also be used as a handsaw

- Curved design with traditional style, re-sharpenable teeth

- Tempered steel alloy blade for rust resistance and will hold its edge for longer

- Part of Darlac Swop Top system

- Always use with extreme care

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