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Ericaceous Topsoil

Ericaceous Topsoil


Screened to 10mmm, our Ericaceous topsoil is blended especially for acid loving plants, trees and shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas. It is a premium ericaceous soil which is blended using 100% dark, rich, acidic Fen soils which are naturally ericaceous.


Unlike most ericaceous soils, it is 100% natural, and does not include any nasty chemicals which are commonly used to temporarily reduce the pH level.


With a typical pH of between 4.5 and 5.5, our Ericaceous topsoil is sustainably sourced and is high in organic matter, nutrients and minerals, thus assisting in the promotion of microbial activity and encouraging strong healthy roots and plant growth.


It is fully compliant with the British Standard for Ericaceous topsoil; BS3882:2015 and is a favourite with both our commercial landscapers and retail customers.


Suitable For:

• Acid Loving Plants and Shrubs
• Raised Beds & Planters
• Ericaceous Fruit & Vegetables
• Lowing the pH in Planting Borders
• Ericaceous Trees & Shrubs
• Mulching Acidic Beds & Borders
• Filling Pots & Containers
• Prestigious Acidic Landscape Applications

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