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Ox Pro Aluminium Rafters Square

Ox Pro Aluminium Rafters Square


- Built with the trade professional in mind, the 180mm & 300mm Pro Series Rafter Square is the ultimate metric square for tradies demanding high accuracy and heavy-duty durability.

- Constructed with extra-thick anodised extruded aluminium and easy-to-read laser-etched markings, this square offers unmatched job site precision, tough dependability and resistance against rust and hard knocks.

- Ideal for rapid precision marking at 45° and 90° angles, exacting technical angles like rafter layout, or scribing notches at 5mm increments.

- Featuring metric markings to the millimetre, conversion tables for rise and run application and extra-wide base for stability and secure holds on timber and straight edges.

- Extra-thick extruded aluminium body, anodised aluminium construction for durability (resists rust and corrosion)

- Easy read laser-etched markings provide excellent readability and twice the accuracy of stamped squares

- Wide base ensures a secure hold on materials and assists with saw guide usage

- Scribe notches for marking 5mm increments

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