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Blended Planting Loam

Blended Planting Loam


Our Blended Planting Loam is a high quality, blended topsoil, which is ideal for a wide range of planting situations.
It is blended using primary single source medium sand and PAS100 Green Compost. 

The overall blend has a narrow particle size distribution and a predominance of medium sand (0.25-0.50mm) and small proportions of coarse sand (0.50-1.00mm), which means reasonable porosity levels can be maintained after installation with light consolidation. 

Furthermore, adequate drainage and aeration properties required for general landscape purposes will be maintained.
Meeting the strict parameters of British Standard BS3882-2015, our Blended Planting Loam is virtually stone free and screened to 10mm, which provides a well-blended soil, which is friable and easy to work with, all year round.


Suitable For:

• Tree, Shrub & Hedge Planting
• Raised Beds
• Planters, Pots & Containers
• Seeding & Turfing
• Repairing Uneven Lawns
• Prestigious Landscape Developments

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