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Premium Topsoil

Premium Topsoil

PriceFrom £69.99

Our Premium Topsoil is our best-selling British Standard Topsoil.


Screened to 10mm, It has been specifically blended for planting beds including for trees & shrubs, seeding and turfing.

This soil is blended with a pH of 8.1 and provides a good balance between soil aeration and drainage, along with an appropriate level of water-holding capacity for plant uptake.


It is fully compliant with the British Standard for topsoil; BS3882:2015 and is a favourite with both our commercial landscapers and retail customers.


Suitable For:
• General Landscaping, Trees & Shrubs
• Prestigious Planting Schemes
• Commercial Landscaping Projects
• Seeding & Turfing
• Repairing Uneven Lawns

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