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Roughneck Gorilla Bar

Roughneck Gorilla Bar

PriceFrom £8.99

Roughneck® Gorilla Bars - The shape makes the difference.

Offering improved access for maximum leverage, the legendary Roughneck® Gorilla Bar is arguably the finest wrecking bar on the market.

Drop forged and heat treated for exceptional strength and durability, oval profile further enhances structural strength and offers enhanced grip and comfort.

Wide low profile claw allows easier penetration and more effective prying, features a nail remover slot.

Broad heel spreads the force to reduce damage to the surface of the workpiece.

Powder coated finish offers greater resistance to corrosion and polished tips minimise friction.

With bevelled nail remover for prying embedded nails.


- Improved access. Maximum leverage.

- Low profile

- Wide claw

- Board heel

- Nail remover

- Oval Profile

- Polished tips

- Heat treated

- Drop forged

- Powder coated

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