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New Year's Resolution - How to be more sustainable in your landscaping

There are more and more people out there who choose to live healthier lifestyles and want to care more for the planet. One way to do this is by turning to sustainable gardening. There’s a green revolution happening all around the world these days, and sustainable gardening is just a small part of this process. Its main goal is to reduce pollution, so by turning to sustainable gardening, you get to help the environment.

Sustainability Tips:

1. Use Less Plastic

Reducing our use of plastic in our day-to-day lives is something which we have all adopted. We can reduce our plastic use in our gardens too, by reusing and salvaging items in our outdoor spaces as much as we can. Reuse labels, pots and bags. Use Terracotta pots instead of plastic or bamboo pots, not also for longevity, but they look darn pretty. Reuse household junk to give it a new life; plastic trays, muffin trays, soda bottles and loo rolls can all be used in the garden.

2. Be Water Wise

We all felt the effects of our unusually hot summer in 2022, no more than the gardeners who were placed on hosepipe bans. Investing in a water butt will help when it comes to a hosepipe ban. Water butts are essentially big storage units that catch and store rainwater as it falls. They are normally located near a drainpipe leading off the roof of your home, so you can take advantage of a much bigger rainwater catchment area. The stored water can then be used in your garden to water your plants.

3. Grow More Of Your Own Food

Even though it may be the smallest potato or the wonkiest carrot, there is no other joy you get from harvesting your own fruit and vegetables. You don’t have to have a lot of space to grow your own, there are loads of clever and creative ways to grow in small spaces, like using old pallets to create a herb garden wall, to a small wicker basket that can be used to grow salad! You can also mix vegetables and flowers together.

4. Go Peat Free

We need to look after our planet more than ever, and every small change that we can make to help our environment is so important. By going peat free in our outdoor spaces can have such an impact on our global footprint. The method of extracting peat damages some of the last remaining peatlands in the UK and Europe. It also releases carbon into our atmosphere, which in turn accelerates climate change. Our government has announced that the sale of peat to amateur gardeners in England will be banned by 2024, so let’s start now in 2023. No better time than the present!

5. Wildlife Haven

Watching wildlife is a wonderful pastime, and our garden visitors are so important for our planet, therefore, we need to ensure we look after every bird, bug and slug! We can do this in a few simple ways; hanging a bird feeder, creating a hedgehog highway, leaving areas of your garden untouched for bugs, tidying away anything that could harm wildlife, and leaving out water for birds and other wildlife.


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